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Why do you need a website?

Updated: Mar 22

In this article, I will show you 7 reasons why you should create a website. Here you are...

  1. First of all, a properly positioned website will increase the number of customers and increase your company's earnings.

A website can be a magnet for new customers. If you know what your target group is, you can optimize your website so that it appears at the top of your target group list. In addition, by investing in Google Ads, you will be constantly promoted, which extends your reach by generating more traffic on the website. The website should be built in such a way that when the client is on it, should be able to easily find all the information that will help him make an informed decision, e.g. to use some services. That is why we often say that the website is a showcase of company ...

2. A website is a showcase of your company.

The website presents and describes your company, your brand, your services. When someone visits your website, they should see what your company does, what services it provides, how it stands out from others, what is its story. Additionally, the visitor should be able to see the address and contact options.

3. The website adds professionalism and trust to your brand.

Every competent company has its own website address on the Internet. Even if traffic is generated through other channels, the website still has it. Why? As it looks more professional, it inspires confidence among customers. If you see two paper business cards and on both there will be different law offices, but only one will have an additional website address printed on it, if you had to choose only on the basis of these business cards which law office would you choose? Of course, the one that has, in addition to the address, telephone number and e-mail address, also a www address. It looks more professional and we'll put more trust in.

4. The website allows you to control the content.

Your own website allows you much more freedom over your publications. For example, you cannot advertise supplements on Facebook, many ads are banned because the rules introduced by Facebook have been violated. On a website, you have much more choice and can publish much more varied content.

If you really want to stand out and not be limited, for example, by photo formats, then the website is the perfect place for you. You don't have to worry about your social media account being banned tomorrow because, for example, you posted a protein ad for vegans. It happened to me personally, so I always recommend having more channels where we can advertise or sell our products. And that leads to the next point, diversification ...

5. Diversification.

The website should be one of several channels you advertise on. If you only promote yourself on social media, have a shop there and do advertisements, think about what will happen when you get banned, for example, when they introduce some rules that have become unfavorable for your business. Then it's worth having a successful website up your sleeve.

6. Global reach.

Of course, you have to adapt the website to the target market, but it does not change the fact that having a www address, you are available to everyone who has access to the Internet. Additionally, your website can be written in several languages. The reach of the website is geographically unlimited. Global reach increases earning opportunities.

7. Marketing tool.

All your marketing activities - regardless of whether your company operates online or offline office, should start and end on a website filled with reliable information. Positioning, Ad-words, e-mail marketing, Social Media, etc. are tools that allow us to increase our reach and gain customers, without territorial or local restrictions. However, we will not do it without a suitable website to which we will direct our clients.

Remember that if you need a website, we can create one for you. It doesn't matter if you are a new company or you already have an established position. We can build a website in many languages, do SEO and advertise it using many marketing tools.


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