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What is the difference between UI designer and UX designer.

In this post I would like to explain the difference between who he is and what a UI designer does, and who he is and what a UX designer does.

Sometimes, when you see job offers titled UI or UX and you are not sure if the job offer is addressed to you, this article should help you identify it. Here you are ...

USER INTERFACE (UI) - is a set of elements and rules in the context of the visual design of a given product. The work of the UI designer answers the question of whether the project is nice and consistent with the principles of design. On the other hand, USER EXPERIENCE (UX) - examines the quality of interactions between a person and a website or application. UX designer examines the data and answers the question of how to improve the product in terms of end user usability.

UI includes all visual elements, e.g. menu, gallery, font, text layout, colors and everything else related to aesthetics. UX, on the other hand, tries to improve the program and applications. Its task is to discover the personal characteristics of a given group to which a given product will be targeted, then, on the basis of the collected data, to adjust the product or service to facilitate communication and to make the product, program or service more pleasant for the end user.

Personality characteristics of UI and UX designers:

UI designer - usually they are people with a great sense of aesthetics. He must be able to skillfully cooperate with the client because the UI designer's task is to do nice things, while the issue of aesthetics at the designer and the client is often a relative concept. The UI must also cooperate with the product manager and be able to turn an idea into a working product. Must be up to date with design trends.


- aesthetic,

- creative,

- patient;

UX designer - is a person from many worlds at once. Must have some UI designer, marketing and data scientist skills. This is the person who should stand in the front line when contacting the client when the project is still in the idea phase. UX designer must be able to make simple mock-ups, create a statistical user and conduct tests. The goal of UX designer is to create an intuitive solution for a selected target group.


- empathetic,

- multidisciplinary,

- analytical,

- critical;

Some software that a UI and UX designer should be able to use:

UI - Photoshop, knowledge of HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript, knowledge of frameworks such as AngularJS, KnockoutJS;

UX - Axure, software for drawing diagrams, eg Lucidchart, Hotjar for analytics, Loop11, Userzoom, Skype for remote testing;

Hope this article helped you understand the differences between UI and UX designers. That you already know what group you are in or in which you would like to be in the future.

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