• Krystian Surdel


Remember that trends are only inspiration and the website should always reflect the brand. On the basis of competitions of design works and other articles related to upcoming trends, I have selected a list of the most frequently appearing, which will dominate in 2022. Here you are ...

1. Minimalism

Many famous brands are based on minimalism. Such a website looks professional and transparent. Well thought-out, short texts, lots of free space. It will also make a this design more responsive on phones.

2. Full-width layout

The project, stretching from left to right, increases the possibilities of space development.

3. 3D elements

Three-dimensional elements that give the website dynamism. In online stores, they make it possible for the customer to get to know the product more. It also increases the chances of its sale. In 2022, it will be possible to meet them more often.

4. Dynamic background color

A popular thing in the latest work of web designers. One color may change while scrolling, and the also change to different colors when scrolling.

5. Videos instead of sliders

Movies are increasingly replacing static headlines. They give dynamism and attract more attention of the website visitors.

6. Asymmetry

Asymmetry and shifts are no news, but in 2022 more and more websites will be using this solution.

7. Carousel galleries

This solution is becoming more popular due to its convenient use on touchscreens.

8. Layers

The layers are already known from previous years. After the latest works and templates, you can see that it will stay with us this year as well.

9. Parallax effect

The Parallax effect allows you to create a unique visual experience and makes us pay more attention to the elements that have this effect on the website.

10. Sound

Sound enters the website components more and more confidently. It started to be used while blogging. In addition to the article to read, we also have the opportunity to listen to this article. This helps for people with disabilities. It is also used as a background to put the user in a relaxed mood when e.g. visiting a relaxing massage website etc.

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